Cabletec specialise in the installation of Sky Digital and other European systems which is
used in many hotels, Apartments and Communities, the requirement is for one satellite
dish to run a large number of Sky Digital recievers, each receiver must be capable of
working independently as though it had it's own separate dish.  Cabletec would be
pleased to offer references regarding this type of work
Upto 4 and 8 Receivers

A Quad or Octo LNB can be
used which has 4 or 8
independent outputs see
satellite accessories / LNB's.  
From either the 4 or 8 outputs
on the LNB a satellite cable
can be run to each Sky Digital
Receiver.  In the main using a
minimum 1.80m dia dish.
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9 or More Digital Receivers

The dish set up is similar, but rather than use a Quad or Octo LNB a Quattro LNB Needs
to be used.  The Quattro LNB's have 4 outputs but each output only receives one part of
the 4 wavebands broadcast : High band V, High band H, Low band V and Low band H.  
Each individual part is carried along the 4 satellite cables and inserted into a multi-switch
box, the inputs are marked : High V, High H, Low V and Low H.  The multi-switch box
which has many outputs is designed to combine the four signal parts and allow the full
signal to be sent to any number of satellite receivers.  The multiswitch boxes are also
sold with 5 inputs to allow for the insertion of terrestrial TV signal if required.  Once the
signals have been combined in the multiswitch box, only one CT100 cable or similar cable
is required from the multiswitch box down to the satellite reciever, this lead can carry the
satellite signals and the terrestrial TV plus FM or DAB radio signals if required.

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