What is Sky +?
Sky+ is the very latest digital receiver and recorder.

With Sky+ youre in control.  You can watch TV when
you want not when the programme is scheduled.  
Sky+ takes care of more important things.  One
button recording and simple controls means the
whole family can use it.
Record without videotape

No timers, no tapes.  Sky+ records
an average of 20 hours on its
internal hard drive.
Pause live TV.

Perfect if the phone goes.  Just
pause whatever you're watching
while you have a chat.  You can
even fast
forward to catch up with live TV.
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Why should I get it?

Sky+ gives you so much more flexibility over how and
when you watch TV.  Just look at what you can do.....
Easily record an entire series.

Why miss your favourite show?  
Just use the Series Link feature to
automatically record every episode
from a selection of popular series.
And its clever enough not to
record the
repeats or omnibus!
Instant rewind

Sky+ allows you to rewind the
programme you are watching so if
you come in half way through
EastEnders, you will be able to
rewind and watch it from the start
without missing the first bit.  
What's more, those watching live
sport will be able to instantly
replay that dubious referee
decision or fantastic goals!
Get the full home cinema

With a Sky+ digibox you can connect to a compatible
home cinema system and watch selected wide screen
movies in Dolby 5.1 surround sound.  Then get your
friends round to enjoy the experience.
Terms & Conditions Sky+

is only compatible with Sky Digital.  You cannot record channels from other satellites as the
software in the Sky+ digibox does not allow this.  To use the Personal Video Recorder
features of Sky+ you need a Sky+ subscription.  Minimum Sky+ subscription is 12 months.  
Because the Sky+ digibox has 2 tuners (so that you can record one channel while watching
another)  you will need to connect the Sky+ to a universal lnb with a least 2 outputs e.g.,
twin lnb or quad lnb or 2 feeds from a multiswitch.

The Future of Satellite Television in Europe
Sky Plus
Not Just Toys for the Boys!!
email : info@cabletec.tv
Tel / Fax : +34 952 665 861
Mob : +34 639 551 352 / +34 616 549 344